Power up with work from home software

KeepXo helps teams manage remote work better

  • Detailed and accurate time tracking
  • Proof of work and productivity features
  • Automated payments and invoicing
  • Desktop, Chrome, web, and mobile apps

One central dashboard for leading remote teams

From the KeepXo dashboard, you can see your team’s hours and activity rates, and dig into over 17 detailed reports. By streamlining admin tasks and capturing proof of work, everyone can focus on their most important projects instead of interrupting one another to check-in.

Smarter time tracking from any device

Track time to specific tasks from KeepXo's intuitive desktop, Chrome, web, and mobile apps. Get detailed timesheets emailed directly to you that recap what your remote team worked on that day.

Up your productivity and get more done with remote workforce management software

Customize your experience

Our software is flexible, just like remote teams are. Screenshots can be taken up to three times per ten minutes, or turned off completely. Settings are adjustable on a per-user basis, and you can choose your own dashboard widgets so you see only the most important information.

Create work orders and schedule jobs

Set up work orders for each customer and schedule one-time or recurring jobs in KeepXo. Add and assign jobs to team members so that time tracking auto-starts or sends a reminder when they arrive at a job site.

The transparency remote teams need

KeepXos was built to help remote teams work smarter, not to run secretly without your knowledge. Get a better understanding of our proof of work features and see why we provide users with access to their own data, give them control of the app, and make data more transparent.

A deeper dive into your business

Which projects are the most profitable? How much budget has been spent, and how many hours are left? Use KeepXo's detailed reporting feature to get answers and identify areas of improvement.

Automate your payments

Paying your distributed team can take time. With KeepXo, you can enter pay rates (and separate bill rates) for each member of your team. When the pay period ends, KeepXo will let you know how much to send, which you can do with one of our payment integrations.

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Simple scheduling

Schedule your team’s shifts and get notifications.

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Over 30 integrations

Connect the apps you’re already using.

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Detailed timesheets

See tasks, time and activities, and more.

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Scheduled reports

Get reports emailed to you on a recurring basis.

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Productivity tracking

Identify trends and make improvements.

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Project budgets

Stay on track with hours and budget limits.

Reach peak productivity while working remotely

Get started today and take admin work off of everyone’s plate.