Become more efficient by understanding how time is spent

Get more done Start using KeepXo Time on desktop, web, mobile or Chrome. Easily track how much time you or your team members spend on tasks. This boosts productivity and makes project planning a breeze.

Focus on the right priorities

With KeepXo’s employee software

  • Keep track of employee hours, projects, and tasks
  • Automate time and attendance tracking
    Intuitive mobile, desktop, and web time tracking apps

Keep track of employee hours with online timesheets

  • Timer apps keep accurate track of work hours
  • Automated timesheets minimize admin work
  • Detailed reports help you improve profitability

Easy online time reporting

  • Build detailed and actionable time reports
  • Avoid errors with accurate timesheet reporting
  • Craft budgets and know a project’s true cost
  • Pay your team based on hours worked



Simplify employee shift management

With KeepXo’s easy staff scheduling
  • Online scheduling and attendance reporting
  • Team management with shift planning
  • Availability and time off requests in one place
  • Easy clock-in system with time tracking


Keep your payroll on a roll

With KeepXo’s automated online payroll software
  • Timesheet and payroll software for businesses of all sizes
  • Headache-free time and expense reporting
  • Precise time cards for accurate payroll
  • Streamlined process for managing teams and payments

Realize maximum profits

With KeepXo’s project cost management & budgeting software.
  • Build project budgets based on hours, bill rate, or pay rates
  • Set limits and receive notifications as they’re approached
  • Dig into reports with key insights for future planning
  • Pull everything together with dozens of KeepXo integrations

Cut Out Admin Work

No more hunting down timesheets or having to update them manually. KeepXo Time gives you an easier way to pay teams and invoice clients by allowing you to set pay and bill rates for each person.

A deeper dive into your business

Which projects are the most profitable? How much budget has been spent, and how many hours are left? Use KeepXo's detailed reporting feature to get answers and identify areas of improvement.

Uncover ways to boost profit

Dig into detailed reports to find out which projects are generating the most revenue. Set budgets in KeepXo Time and get alerts as limits are approached or reached.