Projects & Task

KeepXo's can help a particular company manage its project task progress. The system has three system users: the Admin, Project Manager, and the Regular Employee.

Work Order

Admin users can only create the Task Management System users.

The admin user or the Project Managers will create a new project first and some essential details and references of the users. When creating a project, the admin or project managers must list all the employees to handle the project’s tasks. After completing the project, the regular employees are limited only to adding their work progress for the project they are assigned. They are also allowed to edit the data of the progress that they only submitted. Then, as the employees regularly update the system about their progress, the project managers will read or scan their activities. The project manager can check or decide if a particular task is done and need to update the system’s task status. For the system’s printable report, only the admin users and project managers have access to this function or feature of the system. The Admin user is those users who have access to all of the data stored in the system’s database, especially on creating and managing system users. The Project Managers are those users that contain the project details and progress under her/his management. The Regular Employees will submit their work productivity in each task of the project.

Features of Task Management System
  • Login Page
  • Home Page
  • Project (CRUD Features)
  • Task List Page
  • Progress Form
  • Report Generation
  • User (CRUD Features)
  • Project Status
  • and Many More..

Collaborate in Real-Time Across Devices

KeepXo is completely online, so you can log into the software to manage your projects on desktop, tablet and other devices.

  • Works on PC and Mac
  • Accessible anywhere you have an internet connection

Update Tasks From Anywhere

With our project management app, your team can stay on top of their tasks at all times, whether onsite or in the field.

  • Keep work going by assigning tasks and tracking time
  • Team members in the field can collaborate and share files
  • Data is updated in real time

Make & MonitorWorkflows

Your workflow doesn’t need to stop when you’re away from your computer.

  • Create custom workflows for in-the-field work
  • Collaborate with your team members in the office
  • Managers get insight on the production cycle
“The thing I love about KeepXo is being able to check the status of projects that are going on and identify and resolve issues quickly.”
Jennifer Drai, CFS

Pull Reports from the Field

Analyze and filter data, then generate project reports. Our cloud-based project management app is always up to date, so you’re always operating on the latest data.

  • Create helpful reports while out of the office
  • Keep stakeholders informed whenever they need it
  • Get insights anytime, anywhere

Access the Latest Data

Use the dashboard in KeepXo to keep track of your projects while you’re on the go.

  • Get live data on your projects
  • Easy-to-read graphs show key project data
  • Catch issues before they turn into problems

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Keep Track of All Your Projects

KeepXo lets you manage teams and tasks across multiple projects with our portfolio management features.

  • Keep an eye on programs and portfolios in the field
  • Organize, categorize and access your projects anywhere, anytime
  • Reassign resources on-the-fly as needed