Healthy growth with time tracking for landscapers

KeepXo helps landscaping crews streamline their business

Mobile time cards for landscapers

Our time clock app can be used on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. Your landscaping crew can clock in and out with one click while you get real-time updates.

How landscaping teams grow with KeepXo

Watch how landscaping crews automate and streamline operations.

Track your turf

KeepXo GPS location feature allows you to see how much time your landscaping crew spends at each site. Set up job sites and geofences to get notifications when employees enter or leave.

Schedule team member shifts and jobs with ease

With KeepXo, you can schedule crews, set recurring hours, add weekly limits, and more. From there, you’ll be notified if shifts are missed, started late or ended early

Focus on your clients

Your clients come first. Using KeepXo to automate and streamline your business gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Create geofences around landscaping job sites

KeepXo iOS and Android apps allow you to turn any smartphone into a mobile time clock. Thanks to our geofence time clock feature, you can create job sites and easily track time within them.

  • View maps and routes. No more wondering where your employees are. With KeepXo, you’ll get a real-time, map view of your employees.
  • Job sites. Set up job sites for each of your clients, assign crew members, and automate what happens at each one.
  • Geofencing. Set a geographic perimeter around a job site and get notifications when a crew member enters or leaves that area. Tracking can also start and stop automatically.
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Simple payroll

Easily pay landscapers based on the time they tracked.

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Easily project costs and budgets for your landscaping clients.

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Mobile time tracking

Landscapers can clock in from their iOS or Android devices.

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Timesheet approvals

Approve or reject timesheets submitted by your landscapers.

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Easy invoices

Automatically fire off invoices based on the time tracked.

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Simple scheduling

Manage your landscapers' shifts and work hours.