How KeepXo tracking features work

Delivering transparency, control, and access to every member of the team.

Built for transparency and efficiency

Employee privacy and empowerment are important to us. With every new feature, we work to ensure team members stay in control, that they understand how the software works, when it's running, and that they have access to all of their data. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES :


You’re in control

KeepXo works like a traditional time clock system that’s installed on a desktop or mobile device. You decide when to start the timer, and can easily stop it whenever you need to do something else. The app only captures proof of work (screenshots, app and URL tracking, and activity rates) if your organization has these features turned on and you’re actively tracking time.

How it works

  1. Choose your app
    You choose which app or web timer to use, based on what makes the most sense for your role.
  2. Set permissions
    Depending on the device, you’ll likely be asked to allow permissions so that you know what’s being tracked.
  3. Clock in and out
    You decide when to start and stop the timer. That means that proof of work features including time tracking, activity rates, and app and URL tracking are only active when you’re actively working.

Know what’s being tracked

KeepXo isn’t designed to run without your knowledge. The apps are intentionally transparent about what they’re doing. Notifications tell you when screenshots are taken and when you start and stop the timer. So there’s no question about when and how KeepXo is working.

What each app tracks

See how the KeepXo apps differ in what they capture and keep track of while you’re working.

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Customizable for each person

KeepXo can be set up with preferences for each individual. While we’re showcasing all functionality, your organization might choose to turn off or customize certain features.

Access to all your own information

You have access to your own data and can see exactly what management sees. Further, KeepXo’s default settings allow you to delete your time and the information attached to it if you choose. Your data will never be sold to third parties.


Benefits for the whole team


Avoid frequent check-ins

Many distributed teams have to submit progress reports so that everyone else knows what was worked on. KeepXo takes care of that.

Screenshots can show work in progress so instead of pausing to hop on a call or share sketches, you can keep working. Managers can check the KeepXo dashboard instead of interrupting their team’s workflow

Know more, work smarter

With the information KeepXo provides, employees and managers can make smarter decisions and focus more time on their most critical work. Your dashboard gives you a clear overview of your day and workweek.

Hate having to punch in?

Then we have good news. You can create geofences around job sites that tell the KeepXo mobile app to automatically start and stop the timer when you arrive and leave. You won’t have to fill out time cards at the end of the day or week — it’s already done for you. And you didn’t have to spend a minute thinking about it.

Get paid

Some workplaces pay their teams through KeepXo and require timesheet approvals. If that’s the case, you’ll need to submit a timesheet when prompted. Then, payments can be automatically sent to you. Using KeepXo timesheets to get paid can help avoid any disputes or questions about what was worked on.

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