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Simple, smart freelance tracking

There’s an easier way to keep track of freelancers’ work hours and rates. With KeepXo's web, mobile, and desktop apps for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome, they just start the timer and begin working. See hours worked and send payments in a snap.

See work in progress

Easily check in on freelancers without interrupting them using activity levels and optional screenshots. Notifications tell you when screenshots are taken and when time tracking is active, so there’s no question about when and how KeepXo is working.

Built for transparency, access, and control

Get a better understanding of KeepXo's proof of work features to share with your freelancers.

Everything you need to manage freelancers and projects

Precise time and activity reporting

KeepXo gives you a simple management tool for freelancers and contractors where hours are pulled into customizable reports. You’ll be able to see exactly who worked on what, when, and for how long.

Precise, automated timesheets for freelancers

No need to check-in on your freelancers’ hours and to-dos. Let the auto-generated timecards we send to your inbox wrap up the day’s activities for you.

A complete freelance management platform

With KeepXo you get an all-in-one freelance time management software with work monitoring, billing, invoicing, streamlined timesheets, task management, and more.

Mobile freelancer time tracker

Access hours, projects, reports, and more all from your mobile device using the KeepXo iOS or Android app.

A better way to manage freelance projects

KeepXo Tasks is a robust, Agile project management software, that comes fully integrated with KeepXo. Visual workflows and focused sprints allow team members to work toward the right goals no matter where they are.

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Time tracking

Web-timer and apps for desktop or mobile.

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Increase productivity

Learn and improve with detailed reports.

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Maintain budgets

Set limits on projects and freelancer hours.

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Client invoicing

Create easy invoices based on freelancer time tracked and bill rates.

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Track expenses

Keep track of any expenses related to freelance work.

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Work monitoring

Optional screenshots, app, and URL tracking.

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