KeepXO's APP CMMS Features

Select the tools you need to improve your maintenance operations. Then choose the best KeepXO's plan.

Monitor the progress of your team

Visualize the progress of your team in each project or task. Keeping track of the planned hours, the effective and replanned hours of each task has never been so easy.

Any device, anywhere. Even without connection.

Whether you have a small business, an independent professional or if you manage workers in different locations, you need your tools to be as mobile as you. Log in and monitor your time with any device, wherever you are.

Anticipate needs and resources

Schedule activities based on your sales strategies: calls, meetings, mailing lists and budgets. Get all the information you need directly at the opportunity: website pages viewed, emails received, etc.

Delete your spreadsheets, toss the paper.

Perform maintenance tasks faster than you can say "computerized maintenance management system" with KeepXO's mobile app.

* Set up your KeepXO APP indoors and outdoors, rain or shine.

KeepXO and customer management

Gestión de clientes y proyectos en un solo lugar. Automatización de marketing, seguimiento de horas facturables, presupuestos, facturas y pagos en línea incluidos.

Communication and collaboration tools.

¿Ready for unified collaboration? Intranet, chat, videoconferencing, calendars, workspaces, documents, tasks and internal communication tools in one place!



Join millions of KeepXO users worldwide today!

Create tasks within KeepXO. Collaborate with customers on your projects and keep track of the time spent so you can bill them accurately.

* Connect an ONLINE to stream live anywhere with KeepXO.

Work Orders

Create, manage, and update work orders for repairs
and PMs.

PM Scheduling

PM Scheduling Schedule and manage PMs from a
calendar view.

Inventory Management

Track usage and costs of replacement parts
and consumables.

Downtime Tracking

View historical downtime and log new downtime for
your assets.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders for new parts and inventory without leaving your CMMS.

Work Requests

Submit work requests through the mobile app or a customized web page.

Maintenance Checklists

Add checklist items or complete, premade checklists to work orders.

Workflow Automation

Automatically assign work orders to the right technician based on specific criteria.

Time and Cost Tracking

Track wrench time and maintenance costs within work orders for greater insight into productivity and expenses.

Maintenance Reports

Quickly create a maintenance report for work orders, technicians, assets, locations, and inventory. Create custom dashboards, too!