Time tracking software for architects and engineers

Keep projects moving forward with KeepXo

360° view of time spent on each project

KeepXo makes time tracking and billing for architecture and engineering firms a breeze. The best overview of working hours and projects in one place synchronized across all your devices.

Timesheet software for engineers and architects

Staying on top of your projects is critical for architects and engineers. KeepXo sends you automated, daily reports on activity for the day.

Auto-engineered invoicing

Keep tabs on how much of your firm’s resources are being put into a specific project so you can better estimate future job costs.

Track on site

Do you or your employees need to visit a client or job site? With KeepXo’s mobile apps, you can set up geofences and keep track when your employees are leaving certain jobs sites.

 With KeepXo GPS time clock app, you’ll get a better understanding of how much time is spent at each site

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Engineered for automation

KeepXo was built to help owners streamline their business. Focusing less time on administrative tasks gives you more time for your clients.

Precise time tracking

Clock in and out for various architecture and engineering projects.

Manage projects and budgets

Know where your resources are spent on each project.

Automated payroll

Autopay your employees based on pay rate and time.

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Automated payroll

Pay your architect or engineering staff according to the hours tracked.

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Simple invoices

Send invoices to your architecture & engineering clients automatically.

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GPS time tracking

Track your employees when they're on the go.

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Track time, project costs and budgets in one place.

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Daily timesheets

Get architect and engineer hours sent to your inbox daily.

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Simple scheduling

Quickly build schedules for your architecture & engineering staff.