End the agency time tracking battle.

With KeepXo easy, all-in-one time tracking software

Automated timesheets for growing agencies

Manually filling out timesheets is a thing of the past. Track billable hours as you go, get timesheets emailed daily, and turn on timesheet approvals with KeepXo. Simply add your clients, projects, and tasks to get started.


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Gain better insight into your business with in-depth time reporting. See hours worked, activity rates, time off requests, budgets, clients, open invoices, and more.  

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Automatically invoice accounting clients KeepXo

See how agencies utilize KeepXo to streamline operations.

Automate payroll with KeepXo timecards

Work with freelancers or hourly staff? Enter their pay rate when they start, then automatically send payments based on hours worked. KeepXo automated time cards make payroll a breeze.

Time tracking and project management in sync

KeepXo is a fully integrated, Agile project management tool that’s ideal for agencies. Pair KeepXo Tasks with our time tracking tool and fully streamline your operations.

Simple agency billing and invoicing software

Much of the agency billing software available doesn’t allow you to integrate time tracking, project management, and billing. KeepXo does all three, allowing you to maximize billable hours, invoice clients directly, and get paid faster.

Comprehensive agency management software at a glance

Desktop and mobile apps

Manage client budgets

30+ app integrations

Desktop & Mobile Apps

KeepXo works anywhere. Download KeepXo for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. Or, track time directly from your Chrome browser.

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Simple payroll

Easily pay accountants based on time tracked.

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Budget limits

Keep clients happy by keeping work hours within budget.

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Time tracking

Keep your tracked time synced across all devices.

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Timesheet approvals

Review timesheets and reject or approve them.

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Easy invoices

Bill your accounting clients based on hours worked.

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Keep up with your team's expenses.